I am a Gambian born in a village called Pacholine in Western Division, a high school student. The SOW School training was detailed and intensive both educating and informative. It helped me to understand the vision of reaching “unreached people”. The training also helped me to assess myself and test the genuineness of my calling into mission.

Pastor Sam Gomez

Servants of the Word 2012-2013

As a Catholic, SOW was a place of encountering God and a life changing. Spiritually I was moulded and my understanding of Scripture has increased, which helps me to be steady in my Christian life. It was through SOW that God gave me the opportunity to continue learning about Him at the University. What I learnt in SOW was and is still of great help to me in my life and study.

Anna Mendy Gomez

Servants of the Word 2012-2014

I am a Gambian. Before I came to SOW, I have the zeal to share the word with people but I had very little understanding about the scripture. I had difficulty in memorizing the scriptures. After going through the course in SOW all these problems were overcome thanks to SOW.

Peter Jatta

Servants of the Word 2013-2015

I am a Ghanaian married with six girls. I love to pray. I was down and did not know what to do but with my study in the school through discipleship, Memory verses, Mission and Administration, I have gained a lot and been blessed. I thank God for the dynamic teachers he gave us to transform our lives. May His name be praised.

Rita Yirenkyiwa Donkor

Servants of the Word 2013-2015

My friends, I have never regretted attending SOW, where I was taught how to faithfully interpret and teach scriptures, what are the duties and attitudes of a Christian Administrator, and how I can be a disciple and disciple others, particularly people from other faiths. At SOW I was able to identify the specific ministry God has called me into.

Ernest Pratt

Servants of the Word 2013-2015

I am a Ghanaian and due to my pursuit of knowing God I was directed to Servants of the Word (SOW). Less than a year of my enrolment, the first testimony came from my wife that I have really changed in terms of my character at home because of the servanthood spirit I saw in my leaders at SOW.

Daniel Gyamfi

Servants of the Word 2013-2015

After my three years studies with this August institution my Ministry is experiencing a wholistic growth, notably my knowledge increase in how to handle the Word of God correctly to profit my audience. This institution has also inculcate in me the hunger and thirst for more knowledge in the art of discipleship in Ministry and has opened my scope on kingdom expansion and growth. I am eternally grateful to SOW and recommend this institution to any church leader.

Seidu Musah Oubdah

Servants of the Word 2014-2017

I am a Nigerian living and working in The Gambia, married with three children. After I started at SOW I began to see many changes in my life, that is my first testimony as a SOW student. Now I am teaching in the church and also visiting house-to-house to share God’s Word. Glory be to God Almighty who has done these things in my life.

Olaechukrou Luke Okafor

Servants of the Word Preaching Course 2016-2018

I am a Gambian by nationality. I was encouraged to join SOW in 2016. In my heart I set apart Christ as Lord, and try to be prepared to give an answer to anyone who asks me to give a reason for the hope that I have in Jesus. SOW has molded me and prepared me to share the gospel. Thanks!

Lazarus Jatta

Servants of the Word Preaching Course 2016-2018

I am a Liberian, who loves mission, disciple-making and prayer. My studies at SOW taught me to make time in my life for God, and helped me to read and understand the Bible.

James Holmes

Servants of the Word Preaching Course 2017-2019

I am a Gambian from the Mandinka tribe. The SOW school of ministry was introduced to me by a friend. I completed the course in July 2019 and having been trained as a disciple-making disciple, am willing and eager to train other, for the glory of God.

Karamo Cham

Servants of the Word Preaching Course 2017-2019

SOW has equipped me for the mission field, the teaching has helped me to see that God is the God of all people, nations and tongues, and helped me to understand how to relate to people of other faiths.

Michael Okon Okey

Servants of the Word Missions Course, 2018-2019

The course was most revealing, rewarding and inspiring.

Dr Emmanuel Bamgbelu

Servants of the Word Missions Course, 2017-2018